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CTI's Technology Testing & Reporting Services can provide the information you need on the quality and standard compliance for your card/token technology or product. These services are covered under CTI's Card Testing Services.

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Card Testing International - ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory

Card Testing International follow the Mechanical testing requirements set out by the accreditation body IANZ acting formally on behalf of ISO for an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory.

CTI has the largest number of ISO 17025 accredited tests of any other card testing specialist laboratory in the world by nearly a factor of 2.

The independent ISO/IEC auditors accrediting our test methods, processes and procedures, review all documentation for any given test they choose to pull from our annual test records. This is in order to maintain our accreditation for each and every test. Details on test tasks and scientific methods may be required for the ISO/IEC auditors to review precise accuracy and compliance to the ISO test method requirements.

ISO 17025 lab accreditation also requires independent ISO/IEC authorities' random assessment of the Testing Analyst's competency for ANY test the analyst performs. Passing competency on a given test method maintains accreditation for operation of that test. Failure can result in suspension of accreditation and is listed on the appropriate ISO/IEC accreditation website for public review. To date CTI has never had an accredited test suspended for any reason.

Card Testing International
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Environmentally Controlled Laboratory
Environmentally Controlled Laboratory

ESD Testing Equipment

The main test tools are the ESD Generator, ESD Gun and ESD Table.

Model: CTI ESD Generator Serial: 001_NZ
Model: CTI ESD Gun Serial: 002_NZ
Model: CTI ESD Table Serial: 003_NZ

The test methods they are used for and that we are accredited to:
- 10373-1:2006/Amd 1:2012 Section 5.19 Static electricity test for proximity and vicinity ICCs
- 10373-1:2006/Amd 1:2012 Section 5.18 Static electricity test for ICCs with contacts