Card Testing International is an independent ISO/IEC 17025 Card Testing Laboratory- testing cards for over 25 years. With the capability of our lab, we test your cards, providing unbiased quality assurance checks on card/token technology and products for financial, transport and identification industries.

Card Testing International

CTI's Technology Testing & Reporting Services can provide the information you need on the quality and standard compliance for your card/token technology or product. These services are covered under CTI's Card Testing Services.

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About Us

CTI's technical auditing and reporting services lets you know how your product measures up to industry standards and potential field performance. We deliver test reports along with our expert analysis and interpretation, so you can move forward with your product in the right way.

Whether you have occasional card problems brought to your attention by your customers, or are experiencing more frequent card re-issuance than anticipated, Card Testing International can help. Have a look at the wide range of testing services we offer - we can help you at every stage in the life cycle of card issue!

What We Test
Our testing services apply to multiple card / token technology and products from the financial, transport and identification sectors. The purposes of the service stay the same but the testing methodology changes to meet the relevant standards and properties of the product.

In addition to individual card tests, we have developed a number of successful services that cater for specific stages of card production and use. We also provide manufacturer certification services; evaluating and certifying proficiently manufactured card batches.


With the wide range of testing services CTI offers from our ISO/IEC 17025 lab, we can help you at every stage of your products life cycle

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Accreditation & Expertise


ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation - Your Assurance Of CTI's Competence. Find out what it means to be an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory.

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Laboratory & Staff

As an ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory - the laboratory and staff must follow all mandatory laboratory standards to deliver high level and accurate test results and reporting. Rigorous independent ISO auditing of our laboratory, equipment, test methods, processes and procedures provides CTI with its accreditation - and your assurance of our testing ability. Take a look at how the laboratory delivers high level testing.

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Card Testing International
CTI Laboratory Staff
Environmentally Controlled Laboratory
Environmentally Controlled Laboratory
Testing Standards

CTI adheres to and tests to the relevant international standards for card/token technologies and related services and processes standards. CTI recognises standard references and testing methodology standards for international bodies  EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, ISO, ANSI, DIN and ASTM.

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CTI Industry Contribution - WG1: ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17

Wikipedia: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG 1

CTI are industry experts in card and token quality and durability matters! Our laboratory has amounted a wealth of knowledge over the past 25+ years. We perform scientific studies for international bodies EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, ISO, ANSI, DIN and ASTM to assist in development and to qualify standards.

Our experts contribute to the design and revision of these internationally recognised standards at regular international ISO working group meetings to improve the usability and comprehensiveness of the tests that our cards are currently tested to and will be tested to in the future.

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