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CTI is one of the few independent card testing laboratories in the world capable of testing cards to internationally recognised standards (e.g. ISO and MC CQM). Certified to ISO 17025 , the worldwide recognised standard for competence of testing laboratories, you can be assured of our capability. References from existing clients are available on request.

In addition to individual card tests, we have developed a number of successful services that cater for specific stages of card production and use. Additional details are available on request.

The importance of delivering a reliable card product (a card product that works "first and every time") is a vital component in maintaining a healthy issuer/client relationship. Our 25+ years in the industry and successful partnerships provide you assurance that your cards are with the most knowledgeable card experts in the world.

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Who is CTI?

Who are CTI?

Along with providing specialised Certification and Technical Audit services to the financial, transit and Identification industries, CTI are industry experts in card and token quality and durability matters! Our laboratory has amounted a wealth of knowledge over the past 25+ years by performing scientific studies for international bodies EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, ISO, ANSI, DIN and ASTM to assist in development and to qualify standards. Our experts contribute to the design and revision of these internationally recognised standards at regular international ISO working group meetings to improve the usability and comprehensiveness of the tests that our cards are currently tested to and will be tested to in the future.

With this history of expertise, CTI's experts in card quality continue to offer the most comprehensive capability and understanding of independent card and token testing to a diverse range of markets worldwide. This places our lab in a confident position to fulfil your quality review needs now, and in the future.

With the wide range of testing services CTI offers from our ISO/IEC 17025 lab, we can help you at every stage in of your products life cycle


• World's Largest Range of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited electro-physical tests

• An official guardian of the world's ISO/IEC Magnetic Stripe Standard

• Over 25 years as a global ISO/IEC, VISA, MasterCard and Government Auditing Authority

• Fastest turn around time in the industry

• Specialists in: Reducing Reissuance, Personalisation Monitoring, Batch Acceptance


What does CTI do?

We are card quality specialists, and with the capability of our ISO/IEC 17025 lab, provide our independent unbiased Quality Assurance to companies including Financial Card issuers (Debit/Credit cards including VISA® and MasterCard®, ATM/EFTPOS cards), Card Manufacturers, Card Equipment Manufacturers, Loyalty & ID Card issuers, Encoding Bureaus, Chip Card Issuers etc.

We offer advice & interpretation of your results on card matters covering many areas of different technologies e.g. Magnetic Stripe, Integrated Circuit, Contactless Cards etc.

Card Testing International is in close touch with developing ISO Standards for the physical characteristics of cards, meeting regularly throughout the year with like-minded International Card Experts belonging to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 Working Group 1.

Since 2012, Card Testing International was approved by ISO for being a custodian of the Primary Reference Standard for Magnetic Stripe material (RM7811-2 and RM7811-6 for Low Coercivity and High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe material respectively). CTI is one of only 3 locations that hold the ideal International Reference Standard Material, for which all Magnetic Stripe Card data tape manufactured in the world is measured against.

Running a secure laboratory environment at 23 degrees C, 50% Relative Humidity 24/7 (part of our ISO/IEC 17025 certification) means that Card Testing International is ideally suited for holding this reference material.

Whether you have occasional card problems brought to your attention by your customers, or are experiencing more frequent card re-issuance than anticipated, Card Testing International can help. Have a look at the wide range of testing services we offer - we can help you at every stage in the life cycle of card issue!

The New Zealand National Standards Body visited our lab, and wrote an article outlining the valuable work we do  which you can also read about here.