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Check out our collection of white-papers from a board range of information about card technology, card standards and card failure. Learn from industry experts about the technological and physical characteristics of your mag-stripe/EMV cards and the vulnerabilities exposed by card failure.

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Card Failure

Card Failure - How Does It Occur?
A brief look at how card failure occurs in cards from manufacture to in the field.

Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic Stripe Card Care
A quick guide to upkeep your magnetic stripe cards and increase card service life.
HiCo vs LoCo
Information and explanation on the High and LoCo Coercivity Standard for magnetic stripe cards.
Cards In Plastic Bags
Looks at the Plastic bag phenomena when swiping cards

Card Service Life

Card Service Life
“Is the card fit for purpose?” Often a subject of discussion with Issuers, is how long a card is likely to last once it’s issued. The Card Service Life Standard offers an evaluation regime suited to the card technology & application a card is intended to be used in.

Smart Card - EMV

Smart Cards
Information on Smart Card technology and the types of smart cards.

Standards and Compliance

Explaining 17025 Certification
Your Assurance of Card Testing International’s Competence