Card Testing Services

CTI's Card Testing Services are applied to all Product Testing and Technology Testing. We offer worldwide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance testing to certify and also to prevent re-issuance of financial / transport / ID cards.

The services are separated by the different stages of the card manufacturing and card processing equipment, all with the common goal to ensure your cards work worldwide, first time, every time.

If you wish to enquire about our services or for further information, please contact us via our
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Problem Analysis

We aim to pinpoint the problem, be it the card token itself, Manufacturers Encoding, problems created following the PIN'ing process, or other field effects. The turn around time for testing and reporting is typically 2 working days, depending upon the number of cards you would like us to test.
Contact us for further informationdescribing the problems you are having, and we will be happy to provide you with a Quotation.


Got a problem with your cards?

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