Card Testing Services

CTI's Card Testing Services are applied to all Product Testing and Technology Testing. We offer worldwide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance testing to certify and also to prevent re-issuance of financial / transport / ID cards.

The services are separated by the different stages of the card manufacturing and card processing equipment, all with the common goal to ensure your cards work worldwide, first time, every time.

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VISA Innovative Card Product Testing

CTI is certified by VISA to perform the latest VISA Innovative Card Product testing and electro-physical testing to the latest VISA standards. This includes cards that use biometric authentication, powered features, interactive displays, dynamic CVV, metal layers, biodegradable or unconventional materials, unique card body shapes and many other new and exciting features. Most VISA Innovative Product certifications can be achieved within one week, with some products that contain a multitude of features requiring one to two weeks.

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VISA Innovative Card Product

Test Method Standard Reference
Thickness ISO 10373-1
Height and width ISO 10373-1
Embossing relief height of characters ISO 10373-1
Bending stiffness ISO 10373-1
Opacity ISO 10373-1
Card warpage ISO 10373-1
Resistance to heat ISO 10373-1
Resistance to chemicals without salt mist ISO 10373-1
Salt mist ISO 10373-1
Card dimensional stability and warpage with Temperature and Humidity ISO 10373-1
Peel strength ISO 10373-1
Adhesion or blocking ISO 10373-1
Dynamic bending stress - IC Cards ISO 10373-1
Dynamic torsional stress - IC Cards ISO 10373-1
Magnetic Stripe Area Warpage ISO 10373-2
Surface Roughness of the Magnetic Stripe ISO 10373-2
Magnetic Characteristics (Dynamic) ISO 10373-2
Height & Surface Profile of the Magnetic Stripe ISO 10373-2
Wear test for Magnetic Stripe ISO 10373-2
Magnetic Stripe Adhesion ISO 10373-2
Magnetic Stripe Surface Distortions ISO 10373-2
Dimension and Location of Contacts ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Mechanical strength (3 wheel test) ISO mode 8N ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Surface Abrasion ANSI INCITS 322-2015
Embossed Character Retention - Pressure ANSI INCITS 322-2015
Embossed Character Relief Height Retention - Heat ANSI INCITS 322-2015
IC Card with Contacts Micromodule Adhesion ANSI INCITS 322-2015
Three Roller IC Card Test ANSI INCITS 322-2015
Card Structural Integrity (Elev. Temp & Paint Shaker) ANSI INCITS 322-2015

Below is a list of Card Products and Card Technologies that are involved with this Card Testing Service.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards / Gift Cards, Transport Cards, ID Cards & Driver Licences, Passports / MRTD

Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card / Chip Card, RFID / NFC Contactless, EMV Certification, Powered Card / Display Card, Biometric Card, Embossing & Printing

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