Card Testing Services

CTI's Card Testing Services are applied to all Product Testing and Technology Testing. We offer worldwide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance testing to certify and also to prevent re-issuance of financial / transport / ID cards.

The services are separated by the different stages of the card manufacturing and card processing equipment, all with the common goal to ensure your cards work worldwide, first time, every time.

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Blank Stock Testing

Blank Stock are product samples without any form of Personalisation; the application of personal/customer data to the stock material. 'Blank' credit cards / debit cards are non-embossed and have non-encoded Magnetic Stripe. IDs, Drivers Licences and Passports have no added identification data. The application of this kind of data to a product is known as 'Personalisation'.

A sample of Blank Stock is sent to CTI, directly from your Manufacturer several weeks prior to being issued. We perform the tests then provide you with a test report that includes all results, details about how the test was performed, and whether the relevant Standards have been met. In addition, we also provide our expert opinion if the results are likely to impact on the cards reliability and recommendations to remediate the failed results for the next batch.

For continued monitoring of quality, we would suggest that card batches are periodically tested from time to time, in order to ensure that the relevant quality is being met and maintained.

Our most common tests include, but are not limited to:
Peel Strength (Overlay Delamination), Flexure Durability, Card Dimensions, ESD Robustness, Resistance to Impact (for embossed cards), Magnetic Stripe Performance (Dynamic Characteristics), Magnetic Stripe Surface Profile, Magnetic Stripe Roughness, Magnetic Stripe Abrasion, IC Contact Sizing, IC Profile (height), IC Dynamic Bending Stress, IC Dynamic Torsional Stress, IC Mechanical Strength, 3 Wheel Test. A Card Service Life Evaluation Regime can also be included as part of the compliance testing to see if the cards are likely to go the distance.

If you require more in depth testing or a customised subset of tests, we can perform a large range of ISO & ANSI Blank Card Stock tests on a test-by-test ad-hoc basis.

Below is a list of Card Products and Card Technologies that are involved with this Card Testing Service.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards / Gift Cards, Transport Cards, ID Cards & Driver Licences, Access Cards, Passports / MRTD

Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card / Chip Card, RFID / NFC Contactless, Powered Card / Display Card, Biometric Card

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Issuers / Manufacturers

Fast Batch Turnaround -
Test Reporting as early as 5 Days*

*Turnaround times subject to batch size and geographic proximity - Ask us about your projected turnaround time.