Card Testing Services

CTI's Card Testing Services are applied to all Product Testing and Technology Testing. We offer worldwide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance testing to certify and also to prevent re-issuance of financial / transport / ID cards.

The services are separated by the different stages of the card manufacturing and card processing equipment, all with the common goal to ensure your cards work worldwide, first time, every time.

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American Express Physical Testing

CTI is certified by American Express to perform Amex Enabled Physical Test certification for chip and contactless cards. This involves physical testing of the Card body, Magnetic Stripe, Embossing and Contact IC technologies so that manufacturing facilities are able to gain a letter of approval prior for the card product. The testing requirements are performed according to the card core construction which can be: cards with plastic bodies, cards with metal bodies, and cards with composite construction such as metal and plastic layers. Please click here for more information.

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AMEX Physical Tests (IC Cards)

Test Method Standard Reference
Card warpage ISO 10373-1
Height and width ISO 10373-1
Thickness ISO 10373-1
Peel strength ISO 10373-1
Resistance to chemicals without salt mist ISO 10373-1
Resistance to chemicals - Salt mist ISO 10373-1
Card dimensional stability and warpage ISO 10373-1
Adhesion or blocking ISO 10373-1
Bending stiffness ISO 10373-1
Dynamic bending stress - IC Cards ISO 10373-1
Dynamic torsional stress - IC Cards ISO 10373-1
Opacity ISO 10373-1
UV Light ISO 10373-1
X-Rays ISO 10373-1
Resistance to heat ISO 10373-1
Surface Distortions and Raised Areas ISO 10373-1
Dimension and location of contacts ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Static Electricity 60749-26
Electrical Surface Resistance of Contacts ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Surface Profile of Contacts ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Mechanical strength (3 wheel test) ISO mode 8N ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Mechanical Test ISO 10373-1 Amd 1
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Static Electricity ISO 10373-1 Amd 1

Below is a list of Card Products and Card Technologies that are involved with this Card Testing Service.

Credit Cards / Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards / Gift Cards, Transport Cards, ID Cards & Driver Licences, Passports / MRTD

Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card / Chip Card, RFID / NFC Contactless, EMV Certification, Powered Card / Display Card, Biometric Card, Embossing & Printing

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