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CTI's Technology Testing & Reporting Services can provide the information you need on the quality and standard compliance for your card/token technology or product. These services are covered under CTI's Card Testing Services.

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ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 Working Group 1

Card Testing International are industry experts in card and token quality and durability matters! CTI is a contributing member of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 Working Group 1 for standard development in the card and identification sector.

Working Group 1 evolves and develops standards related to physical characteristics and test methods for ID-cards while SC17 is the sub committee that approve the standards drafted by the eight working groups.
Working Groups each consist of a panel of international experts working in the industries of card manufacture, testing, issuance & reader hardware. The meetings offer a forum for discussion on developing international standards, pertaining to card compliance, interoperability and durability, so are the 'front line' when it comes to standard development.

Wikipedia: ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 Working Group 1

Card Testing International Contribution
Our laboratory has compiled a wealth of knowledge over the past 25+ years. Our experts attend regular WG1 and SC17 meetings, providing our recommendations and ideas based on our experience and R&D. We perform scientific studies for international bodies EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, ISO, ANSI, DIN and ASTM to assist in development and to qualify standards.

We contribute to the design and revision of these internationally recognised standards, improving the usability and comprehensiveness of the tests that our cards are currently tested to and will be tested to in the future.

CTI is able to stay updated on current and future developments in the card testing industry and can pass on these benefits to customers.

An official guardian of the world's ISO/IEC Magnetic Stripe Standard:

Since 2012, Card Testing International was approved by ISO for being a custodian of the Primary Reference Standard for Magnetic Stripe material (RM7811-2 and RM7811-6 for Low Coercivity and High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe material respectively). CTI is one of only 3 separated world locations that hold the ideal International Reference Standard Material, for which all Magnetic Stripe Card data tape manufactured in the world is measured against.

Editor of 10373-1 and Secretariat Support

Card Testing International Chief Technical Officer, Steve DeDera, is an official editor for ISO/IEC 10373-1 Standard. This standard includes the test methods for General Characteristics of cards and is followed when determining compliance to ISO/IEC 7810 and other application specific standards. This selection is the fruition from many years of this expert's independent dedication towards card technology and maintaining card quality.