Why Test Cards

In days past, card quality was overlooked as a minor issue, after all, it was only a low value plastic token that was easily replaced. Today, with increasing card usage and reliance, and the added expense of smart card (chip card) productions, there is no room for complacency. The image and performance of your card is a direct representation of your organisation.

The single common binding factor between all of our clients, is the desire to have ISO, IEC, MC CQM, ANSI or DIN Standard compliant cards in their customer's hands. It is a fundamental truth that a non-ISO standard card will not perform for a customer as well as an ISO Standard compliant card. The net effect is often overlooked when issuing cards in the ten's or hundred's of thousand's, however some of the costs associated with a failed card are:

  1. Total cost of a replacement card
  2. Staff time spent with customer complaints
  3. Staff time associated with processing re-issued cards
  4. Lost retail sale Loss of reputation and customer loyalty (ie. faulty card = faulty company)
  5. Costs associated with the loss of VIP customers and their corporate group
  6. Losses associated with finding replacement customers

As in most business situations, the production of a near 100% reliable product is financially far more preferable than having to deal with the ensuing consequences of having a number of poor performing cards. The cost of preventative maintenance testing, and an early commitment to quality is certainly cost justified, considering the savings made further downstream in the process.

Have a look at the wide range of testing services we offer - with the capability of our ISO/IEC 17025 lab, we can help you at every stage in the life cycle of card issue!