E-Passport Durability, what you need to knowWith the addition of contactless and added security technology, will your passport pass ISO/IEC 18745-1? Today’s passports are packing the latest Biometric and Security Features to combat forgery while making border control more efficient with the introduction of Contactless technology. This means a more multifaceted appliance than ever before. Combine this added technology with the growing international travel market and passport re-issuance becomes an expensive exercise. Also not something any passport holder would want to while traveling abroad.

To combat construction issues and inferior materials, the International Standards Organisation published ISO/IEC 18745-1 in 2014 with the aim to set a durability baseline for passports. The standard runs the through a number of simulations that stress them in ways that they are used in the field. The tests are based on existing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) tests and ISO tests for technologies that ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 bears responsibility for.

CTI has been ID and Payment durability experts for over 20 years, so has adopted this standard to test your travel documents for all aspects of durability, from delamination testing through to ensuring the spine of the passport holds itself intact, and much more. CTO, Steve DeDera explains “Security features that do not go the distance, pose a security risk when they degrade pre-maturely. This makes the 18745-1 standard key in creating a more secure future”

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