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Increase confidence & eliminate the cost of faulty cards

Financial, Transport, Identification

Card Testing International - Your Independent ISO/IEC 17025 Card Testing Laboratory

Specialists in compliance & quality assurance testing of financial, transport & identification cards

  • World's largest range of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited electro-physical tests
  • Over 20 years as a global ISO/IEC, VISA, MasterCard, Bank & Government Auditing Authority
  • An official guardian of the world's ISO/IEC Magnetic Stripe Standard
  • Specialists in: reducing reissuance, personalisation monitoring, batch acceptance

Fastest test turn around -

Get your card batch certification in days!

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How long is a card is likely to last once it’s issued?

The ISO/IEC 24789 Card Service Life Standard evaluation regime sees how your cards measure up against current card industry expectations.

Find out if your cards will last until their expiry date

As you can probably see, CTI has a new look!

We are excited to roll out our new website design and logo. Our goal is to modernise the website for 2018, make it easier for our readers to explore the site and open up new areas for new content. CTI has changed a lot over the past few years. These changes will be carried over to the new website content, keeping you informed of all new changes in the industry and the services we offer.


New Logo

This new logo design will be carried over areas of our documentation, paraphernalia and other media. This will include test reports & certificates. These changes will be added incrementally and we apologise if there is any confusion or inconvenience.
Old Logo Design
Old Design
New Website Design
New Design


New Website Design

This week CTI has released its new website design replacing the 8 year old previous design. The current website changes cover a visual redesign with the textual content largely unchanged. Over the next few months new content and changes to the existing content will be periodically uploaded to the website.

Be sure to keep an eye on the website and see what's new!
Old Website Design
Old Design
New Website Design
New Design

We will put updates of any major changes on the front page news.