Card Testing International is an AMEX Enabled Testing lab, which signifies that CTI's physical card testing meets the compliance and standards of American Express. Performing to AMEX standards is a requirement for issuers/manufacturers of American Express cards to be enabled on their global network. Issuers & manufacturers working with American Express often require third party labs such as CTI to test their cards and allow them to forward the test report onto American Express for approval.

As an accredited third party testing lab, CTI performs ISO 7810 physical card testing and ISO 7816 IEC/Chip (smart card) testing. CTI tests and reports to the issuer on the quality of their card in reference to AMEX standards. Issuers can send the test report for approval or address any card issues found during testing.

CTI’s AMEX accreditation is proof of our commitment to standards and compliance and reflect our achievement in the field of Card Testing now in our 24th year.